• Easily Create and manage invoices
    unique experiences for web ,pad and mobile

    Everything you need to run your business is just a click away.Now you can quickly do your invoicing, order, and billing because PUT Invoice gives you the things you need most, all in one place.

  • Organize your business finances in one place
    Simple online software for business owners to make informed decisions.

    It works across your devices.Whether you're at work or home on your computer,i pad or phone

  • Easy to edit &
    customize Dashboards and user permissions

    Get a professional looking invoice. Tailor your invoice content to fit your business need,customised user based Dashboards and user permisions and settings.

    Q O I for your Organisation

    World class software on next generation technology.Paper less. Designed to help you manage your business better. Quotation, Order ,Invoice ,Billing , Payments ,Vouchers and many more modules all in one place.

  • Our cloud thinking
    process creates unlimited possibilities

    Cloud Based Software. Pay per Usage , SAAS Model . Be connceted 24/7 365 days from anywhere.

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    Easily Create & Manage

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    Decision Making

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    Easy to customize

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    Q O I Tracking & Reports

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    Cloud Based

Features that help you make informed decisions. Quickly. & Efficiently

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    Anytime, anywhere access.Time-saving features you'll love.Easy Service Tax and VAT computation,PUT Invoice has specifically designed software for the Indian tax system. It computes service tax and VAT for you in a single click.
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    Multiple Access across locations.Connect users in different loactions by allowing multiple users to access your account,you can specify permission levels to control what type of data each user can see or modify. You can set up 5 users in this version.
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    Track sales and expenses.Stay organised and in control of your business.no more digging through piles of paper.Understand your cash flow and how your business is doing so you can make better decisions.

icon Features at a glance

icon Very powerful options built right in

Features that help you make informed decisions.Quickly."BUSINESS MADE EASY SOLUTIONS AND FEATURES.

  • Easy Service Tax and VAT computation
  • Track sales and expenses
  • Inventory Tracking
  • 24x7 support online
  • Touch interface
  • Visually appealing colors
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